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Executive Officers




President Joe Moon


I started my career with the Illinois State Police in 1999.  After the academy, I was assigned to District 21 patrol and later transferred to District 14 Patrol.  While in District 14 patrol, I was a K-9 Handler.  I transferred to Zone 4 investigations in 2006.  I worked as a General Criminal Agent and then as an Agent in the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force.  In 2009 I transferred back to District 14 patrol where I worked until being appointed to Troopers Lodge #41 Secretary in April of 2011 and assigned as a full time officer in the Lodge.  I was re-elected to the office of Secretary in 2012.


Prior to being elected as your President, I served as Secretary, First Vice President, and was a trustee representing District 14 for over 7 years.  I have served as the Chairman of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and as a member of the Steering Committee, Election Committee, Building and Grounds Committee and Executive Committee.  I have had the distict privilege to represent the Lodge at several State and National Conferences and National Police Memorials.  I have testified on behalf of Troopers Lodge #41 at the Illinois Capital on issues including pensions, wages and funding for manpower.


I have assisted in fighting the anti-labor movement on a National level going to Ohio with the National Troopers Coalition to fight to repeal Senate Bill 5, a measure that restricted collective bargaining rights for more than 360,000 public employees.  Senate Bill 5 was ultimately repealed due to labor organizations standing together on a National level.


As your President, I will continue to serve the members of this Lodge, both active and retired.  I believe in always protecting the members' contractual rights as well as the rights earned by retirees.  As your President, I will always strive to represent you to the best of my ability.


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1st Vice President Frank Biamonte

Over the years I have enjoyed serving this Lodge, and truly believe in what we do here.  I have always had the members’ best interests in mind.


I began my career with the ISP in 1997 as a District Chicago Trooper.  Since then, I have held many different positions within the district.  I was an FTO on patrol, worked the desk, evidence vault, and Traffic Reconstruction.  I am currently assigned to Troopers Lodge 41 as a full time officer.


In 2006, I became a District Chicago FOP Trustee, and have been heavily active ever since.  I am currently on several committees, and I have also served on three Contract Negotiation Teams.  When the vacancy for Treasurer at the Lodge opened up in October 2013, I interviewed and was selected for the position.  In September of 2014, I was selected to become a full-time Lodge officer.  After serving as a full time officer for a year, I decided that it would be in the best interest of the Lodge if I returned to the BAO section while continuing as Treasurer, and let the 1st VP work the office.  In 2016, I was elected and continued my service as Lodge Treasurer.


Since being elected 1st Vice President in 2020, I am currently working in the Lodge office full time once again


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2nd Vice President Joe Kink


I started my career in law enforcement with the Chatham Police Department in 1995 and joined the ISP in 1998.  I was assigned to District 20 out of the academy.  I was transferred to District 9 in 2001 where I received multiple teaching certifications. I became certified as a CAT instructor, EVOC instructor, Pistol and Rifle instructor, PFIT monitor, RADAR/LIDAR instructor and other instructor certificates.


I began my Fraternal Order of Police career in 2003 after being elected as a District 9 trustee.  I left District 9 in 2005 and became a member of the Executive Protection Unit until 2015. I returned to District 9 and became the Vehicle Identification Officer/Fleet Officer.  I have served on the Election Committee, Finance Committee, and have volunteered for many events. I have attended all State and National conferences during my tenure.  I have been the FOP representative on the ISP Disciplinary Review Board, Region III Pursuit Review Board, and was chosen to be on the latest Contract Negotiations Team.  I have attended Labor and Leadership training seminars and National Troopers Coalition Conferences.


In August of 2019, I was chosen to be the third full time position at the Lodge.  I was appointed to 2nd Vice President in January of 2020, and elected by the membership in July 2020.  I have been involved in Step II and Step III meetings with the Lodge and Labor Relations.


I have taken great pride in this position and have always made myself available to the members.  I will always put all members’ (active and retired) needs and concerns as a priority while I’m in office.  Troopers Lodge 41 has fought very hard for your rights and I will be here to protect them and represent you all to the fullest.


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Secretary Jason Devino






Treasurer Trent Waller


I started my career with the Illinois State Police in October 1999.  After the Academy, my first assignment was patrol in District 15.  I transferred to District 13 patrol in 2002.  While in District 13, I worked patrol and was a member of the D13 S.E.T. Team.  I served as the D13 Fleet Officer from 2013 to 2014.  I was a D13 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer (CVEO) 2014-2019, and a member of the Meth Response Team in Zone 7 for 2 ½ years.  I am a Range and Rifle Instructor, CAT Instructor, Rapid Deployment and Crowd Control Instructor, Radar/Lidar Instructor, Taser Instructor, and Field Training Officer.  I was promoted to Sergeant in D13 in June 2019.


I was a Trustee in District 13 from 2012 to 2020.  While a Trustee, I was a member of the Election, Scholarship, Constitution, and Ways and Means Committees, and a member of the 2019 Contract Team.  I have volunteered to work numerous projects for Lodge #41 over the last several years including the Police Memorial in Springfield, the hospitality room at the State Fair in Springfield, and the Heritage Foundation Motorcycle Fun Run.  I have attended State and National conferences as well.


I was elected Treasurer in July 2020.  I believe whole heartedly in Troopers Lodge #41 and its members.  I will give 100% and continue to be an advocate of the men and women of Troopers Lodge #41.


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Sgt At Arms Byron Farthing




Chair of Trustees James Vanderkolk