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Executive Officers



President Joe Moon


I started my career with the Illinois State Police in 1999.  After the academy, I was assigned to District 21 patrol and later transferred to District 14 Patrol.  While in District 14 patrol, I was a K-9 Handler.  I transferred to Zone 4 investigations in 2006.  I worked as a General Criminal Agent and then as an Agent in the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force.  In 2009 I transferred back to District 14 patrol where I worked until being appointed to Troopers Lodge #41 Secretary in April of 2011 and assigned as a full time officer in the Lodge.  I was re-elected to the office of Secretary in 2012.


Prior to being appointed as your President, I served as Secretary, First Vice President, and was a trustee representing District 14 for over 7 years.  I have served as the Chairman of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and as a member of the Steering Committee, Election Committee, Building and Grounds Committee and Executive Committee.  I have had the distict privilege to represent the Lodge at several State and National Conferences and National Police Memorials.  I have testified on behalf of Troopers Lodge #41 at the Illinois Capital on issues including pensions, wages and funding for manpower.


I have assisted in fighting the anti-labor movement on a National level going to Ohio with the National Troopers Coalition to fight to repeal Senate Bill 5, a measure that restricted collective bargaining rights for more than 360,000 public employees.  Senate Bill 5 was ultimately repealed due to labor organizations standing together on a National level.


As your President, I will continue to serve the members of this Lodge, both active and retired.  I believe in always protecting the members' contractual rights as well as the rights earned by retirees.  As your President, I will always strive to represent you to the best of my ability.





1st Vice President Hugh Carlock

I began my law enforcement career in 1990 with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and joined the Illinois State Police in 1996.  After graduation from the Academy I was assigned to District 20 patrol and in 1998 transferred to District 9 Patrol.  In 2000 I accepted a position as a full time EVOC Instructor at the ISP Academy.  In 2002 I returned to District 9 Patrol where I continued to serve as a part time Range officer, EVOC instructor, Rapid Deployment Instructor, and Honor Guard member.  In 2012 I served as a Watch Officer at the Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center until 2014 when I accepted a position as the Strategic Planner for the ISP. 



I began my Fraternal Order of Police career in 2003 as a District 9 trustee on the Executive Board. While a trustee I served as the Chairman on the Building and Grounds Committee, Chairman of the Legal Committee, FOP representative on the ISP Disciplinary Review Board, Region III Pursuit Review Board, State FOP Trustee, State FOP Finance Committee and was the FOP representative in the creation of the ISP Statewide Honor Guard.  I have served as a member on 3 contract teams and have attended Labor and Leadership training.   I have attended the National Police Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. as well as National FOP Conferences and National Troopers Coalition Conferences.  I have served on the Executive Committee as Chair of Trustees, 2nd Vice President and 1st Vice President.  In 2015 President Moon appointed me to a full time position at the Troopers Lodge 41 office where I serve as the 1st Vice President.



I have proudly served the men and women of Troopers Lodge 41 for nearly 13 years and consider this to be the most cherished relationship I have attained in law enforcement.  As your 1st Vice President I vow to protect the rights of both active and retired members.  I promise not to forget where I came from and fairly represent the integrity of our membership in every decision I make.





2nd Vice President Michael Torrez


I graduated from the Academy in 1994 as a member of Cadet Class 89.  After graduation from the Academy, I was assigned to District 02, and have spent my entire 22 year career living and working in District 02 as a Trooper.  Prior to becoming a Trooper, I was employed as a Deputy Sheriff with the Lake County Sheriff’s Police.  I have held various positions within the District, serving as the Automotive Equipment Officer, on the Special Enforcement teams, Crash Reconstruction Officer, and currently as the District 02 Court Officer. 


I was elected to the Executive Board of Lodge 41 in 2006 as a District 02 Trustee.  I was re-elected and served as District 02 Trustee until my appointment as 2nd Vice President.  As a Trustee, I was appointed to various committees within the Lodge, such as the Finance Committee, Legal Committee, and Grievance Committee.  Additionally, I was appointed to a special Blue Ribbon Committee by Past President Michael Powell.  I was appointed to serve at the State Lodge on the Legislative Committee, and Critical Incident Response Team Committee, as well as the 1st Alternate Trustee on the Sate Lodge Board.  I was selected and served on the current contract committee as well as the previous contract committee.  I have enhanced my knowledge and experience by attending numerous State and National conventions, as well as leadership training throughout my tenure with the Lodge.


As your 2nd Vice President, I pledge to always fight to ensure that things are done fairly, equally and justly, regardless of the situation, as well as always do the right thing for the right reasons.  I pledge that I will continue the battle that faces all members of this organization, active and retired alike. To maintain, as well as enhance, our contractual rights and our pension and health benefits.  We have a storied history within Troopers Lodge 41, and I hope to be a positive part of the future of this Lodge by advancing this organization, our reputation and all its members in the days, months and years ahead.


If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about anything, you are free to contact me via my email address at






Secretary J. Todd Adkisson


I started my career with the Ilinois State Police in June of 1995. After the Academy, my first assignment was patrol in District 15. I transferred to District 14 Patrol in 1996. While in District 14, I served as a K9 Handler for almost twelve years. I have served as a Field Training Officer and have been involved with numerous Cadet Classes as a Crowd Control and K9 Instructor. Besides Patrol and K9, I have served as the District 14 Evidence Custodian and Fleet Officer. I am also a Range Officer, Rifle Instructor and First Responder Instructor.


Prior to being appointed as your Illinios Troopers Lodge #41 Secretary in January 2016, I have ben a Trustee in District 14 since 2011. While a Trustee with the Troopers Lodge #41, I have also been the Chairman of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and I have attended several State and National FOP Conventions. I am a Committee Member of the current Contract Negotations Team and also serve as a Legislative Committee Member for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police. In September of 2016, I was appointed to a full time position at Troopers Lodge #41. I believe in supporting the rights of all of our Brothers and Sisters, active or retired and will do my best to not only accomplish this, but also to keep everyone as informed in the current events effecting the Lodge and its Bargaining Unit Members as I possibly can.


Please feel free to contact me anytime at:






Treasurer Frank Biamonte


I began my career in District Chicago Patrol in 1997.  I have been a FTO, TCRO, and assigned to District Chicago vault.  In 2012, I was assigned to the BAO Section of the Academy.


Prior to being appointed your Lodge Treasurer, I began as a District Trustee in 2006 and have served on many committees including Chairman of the Finance Committee and Grievance Committee.  I am currently on the Legislataive, TROOPAC and Financial Investment Committees.  I was a member of the recent Contract Negotiation Team, and have attended all State and National Conventions during my service to the Lodge.


Feel free to contact me at



Sgt At Arms Kent James


I started my career in 1987(cc#81), in District 13A, which is now District 22.  Two years later I transferred to District 13, in which I still reside with my wife and two sons.  I am currently a C.V.E.O, which I have been for the past five years.  The previous 17 years I spent on patrol.

I come from a union family.  My father was also a union steward at his place of employment.  I hope to serve ALL members of Troopers Lodge 41; active, retired, uniform, or plain clothes.  I will do my best to help you in labor or fraternal needs.  Previous members and officers of this lodge have provided us with rights and benefits that their forefathers didn't have.  I hope to both protect and build on these rights and benefits through labor negotiations and legislation.  My wish is for the members to become more fraternal, for I feel that this will ensure our rights and benefits.






Chair of Trustees Erin Lanthrip