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2012-2016 DISTRICT TRUSTEES, To be sworn in on 09/27/2012


DISTRICT 1                          DISTRICT 9                       DISTRICT 16                    RETIREE TRUSTEE 


John Knebel                         Craig Pool                            Erin Lanthrip                    Rocky Nowaczyk 

John E. Clark                        Hugh Carlock                       Tim Roush                      Carl “Moon” Mullen 

                                             Donald Kovack                                                            Mark Meiresonne   

District2                                                                           DISTRICT 17

                                               DISTRICT 10

Derek Cowan                                                                    Richard Vanko

Michael Torrez                      Curt Welch                          Joe Savitch

Neal Schaffer                        Linn Kirkpatrick

                                                                                          DISTRICT 18

DISTRICT CHGO                  DISTRICT 11

                                                                                          Sam Janus

Rich Decker                           Larry Lohman                     David Zappa

Christopher Tor                     Neil Craig Short

Gayle Murnane                      Kyle Seger                          DISTRICT 19

Mike Cahill

Jonathon Parker                    DISTRICT 12                       Roy Glasscock

                                                                                           Tim Luker

DISTRICT 5                          Stephen Tarter

                                              Todd Vincent                       DISTRICT 20

Karl Heinecke

Frank Biamonte                    DISTRICT 13                         Jason Garthaus

                                                                                           Stephen Schuwerk

DISTRICT 6                          Steven Bundy

                                              Trenton Waller                       DISTRICT 21

Tracy Atteberry

Charles Baird                        DISTRICT 14                          Brad Cosgrove

                                                                                             Kurt Quick

DISTRICT 7                          Todd Adkisson

                                              Brian Zielke                           DISTRICT 22

Brian Strouss

James Pearce                       DISTRICT 15                         Gregory Miller

                                                                                            Mark Stram

DISTRICT 8                          Wendi Molenaar

                                              Michelle Kistulinec                

Tony Slaughter                      Dave Hage

Nick Visione                                                            





Pension/Insurance Update

Last week the pension bill (SB 1673) that would have you make a choice to keep your compounded COLAs or your retiree health insurance was not called for a vote in the House after disagreement between Republicans and Democrats on shifting cost of teachers' pensions back to the schools/universities. Around 10pm another pension bill was introduced in the Senate, HB1447, with amendments that would have had to return to the House for approval.


The bill was passed in the Senate but didn't make it to the House in time before close of session.  I haven't had time to read this bill but I do know it ONLY dealt with GARS (general assembly) and SERS persion systems.  The Governor still has not signed SB1313, the retiree health insurance bill. 


The Governor is calling a press conference at 10am to address pension reform.  He says he is calling a meeting with legislative leaders next week and expects to call special session very soon this summer to deal with pension reform.


Breaking news: Pension-slashing bill looms

Calls needed! 


Iwanted to let you know the pension-cutting legislation has emerged and is moving in the legislature today. It is Senate Bill 1673, House Amendment 3.

There is no more important call you can make than picking up the phone right now and dialing 888-412-6570.You need to make two calls -- one to your representative and one to your senator. You can also use our online Click-to-Call tool here. Tell your legislators to OPPOSE SB 1673, HA 3, and any other bill not supported by our union coalition.

SB 1673, HA 3 would cut the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that protects the modest pensions of both current and retired teachers, state employees and university employees from inflation -- that is, all participants  in the TRS, SERS and SURS.

Leaders of our union coalition are testifying against the bill in committee as I type. Back them up right away by calling 888-412-6570 or clicking here.If you can't get through right away, keep trying or send an email here.

Thanks for your continued support.


Your pension is at risk and EVERYONE must act NOW!!  The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police urges you to join the one million members that make up the We Are One Coalition to protect the life savings of public employees that are once again under attack.




Please go to today to obtain all the information you need to make your voice heard.


  • To send an email, you will simply enter your zip code and a completed e-letter, as well as your specific Senator(s) and Representative(s) will appear on the webpage.  It’s as simple as clicking “send your message.”


  • To call you will enter your zip code and phone number and the automated hotline will call you momentarily to clarify key talking points and directly connect you with your appropriate legislators.


As police officers, we have always stood with our fellow public sector working families in defending pension rights and benefits.  We cannot sit idly by now, even as more and more voices rise up to include police and firefighters in the current reform talks.


We know there could be a bill introduced any day now that not only reduces benefits for the statewide systems, but if the Illinois Municipal League and its members have their way, our names will be in the legislation as well.  Many have echoed Mayor Emanuel’s request that local government employees be included in the potential pension reform bill that addresses the five statewide systems.


Be sure to pass this Action Alert to your family and friends.  Let’s show the politicians and corporate lobbyists that WE ARE ONE!  For additional information, please visit the We Are One website. 




If you are not aware, SB1313 was passed by the Senate and is on the way to the Governor for his signature.  We need to let our elected officials know how we feel about this matter, (our retiree health care benefits).


This is an opportunity for you to be seen, heard and PROTEST.  This bill will go into affect July 1, 2012. 





President's Message