With more than 270 lodges in Illinois, Troopers Lodge #41 Fraternal Order of Police is the second largest representing approximately 3,200 sworn and retired troopers.



The Lodge is the voice of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the many citizens of Illinois.



Troopers Lodge #41 is dedicated to improving the working conditions of the men and women of the Illinois State Police through legislation and employee representation.



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Chicago Knights Baseball Club Charity Game

Friday, August 20, 2021
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
9850 Balmoral Avenue, Rosemont, IL, 60018


Chicago Police  vs.  Illinois State Police







May 5, 2021


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June 16, 2021


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January 13, 2021

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Illinois Law Enforcement Coalition issues statement regarding action taken by the State Senate during the Lame Duck session


            SPRINGFIELD – A coalition representing Illinois law enforcement leadership and rank-and-file officers has issued a statement regarding action taken by the State Senate at approximately 4 a.m. today on law enforcement and criminal justice legislation during the Lame Duck Session. The legislation is now in the House of Representatives for concurrence:


            In the dark of night Illinois legislators made Illinois less safe. More than 112,000 citizens so far have signed a petition to oppose the community-endangering law enforcement legislation being rammed through the General Assembly, but how did the Senate respond to those constituent concerns? By introducing a 764-page amendment at 3:51 a.m. and shoving it through in the middle of the night before the people voting on it even had a chance to read it. We had been working in good faith with the Attorney General on a bill that would make great strides to modernize law enforcement, but that legislation was dumped into this monster bill and the result is a betrayal of the public trust that gives many more advantages to criminals than the police. It ties the hands of police officers while pursuing suspects and making arrests, and allows criminals to run free while out on bail.


            The legislation includes no way to pay for any of these law abiding citizen-threatening measures, so taxpayers will have to pay extra for the privilege of being crime victims.


            We applaud the Senators who had the fortitude to vote in favor of public safety by voting against this bill. We strongly implore the members of the House to listen to their constituent concerns, avoid going down the dangerous path the Senate took, and refuse to concur on this draconian legislation that makes communities less safe.     


            The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) State Lodge, FOP Labor Council, FOP Chicago Lodge 7, Illinois Sheriffs’ Association and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police have formed the Illinois Law Enforcement Coalition and have been working on these strategies since summer to improve community safety and enhance the trust between community members and law enforcement.



#     #     #



Illinois Sheriffs' Association Executive Director Jim Kaitschuk, (217) 415-9510

Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Director Ed Wojcicki (217) 414-7790

Illinois FOP Labor Council Executive Director Shawn Roselieb (708) 784-1010

Illinois FOP Chicago Lodge 7 President John Catanzara, Jr. (773) 497-4567















2020 - 2021 Scholarship Winners


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Joe Moon ~ President


Frank Biamonte ~ 1st Vice President


Joe Kink ~ 2nd Vice President


Jason Devino ~ Secretary


Trent Waller ~ Treasurer


Byron Farthing ~ Sgt. At Arms





District 1  Juan Luaisa * James Vanderkolk


District 2  Marc Kassing * Michael Minniear


District Chicago  Ashley Bain * Mike Cahill * Nick Farnesi * Jonathan Parker

Joe Rokowski * Chris Tor


District 5  Andrew Dykstra * Karl Heinecke


District 6  Paul Hennessy * Chris Lempke


District 7  John Kuelper * Brian Strouss


District 8  Michael Cibulskis * Mark Molitor


District 9  Eli Adams * Steve Ent * Kevin Howell


District 10  Bobby Woodard * Clay Woodard


District 11  Gerald Bemis * Rob Power * James Randolph


District 12  Will Fritchley * Seth Williams


District 13  Chris Pritchard * Matt Sursa


District 14  Dan Hill * Heath Miller


District 15  Doug Balder * Chad Martinez * John McDonough


District 16  Joseph Dunn * Ty Moore


District 17  Joe Savitch * Rick Vanko


District 18  Sam Janus * David Zappa


District 19  Wayne Hocking * Tim Luker


District 20  Roy Atwater * Brad Rhodes


District 21  Jason Hawkins * Justin Kokos


District 22  Charles Bonifield * Greg Miller





Carl "Moon" Mullen


Rocky Nowaczyk


Bill Pennell





Josh Anderton


Sean Brannon


Dustin Geier


Aaron Harsey


Dave Keltner


Tony Kestner


Cory Ristvedt


















The Illinois General Assembly approved House Bill 2455 Friday that makes it easier for first responders and certain essential workers to receive workers’ compensation benefits. It is the first bill from the legislature’s special session to The Governor’s desk.  The bill was ultimately agreed to by Unions and many employer groups as well as the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police.  


The law creates a “rebuttable presumption” that workers who contract the COVID-19 virus do so as part of their job.  Most law enforcement officers in the State are covered by Workers Compensation, except for officers who work for Chicago. The Bill recognizes this and provides for a presumption of line of duty exposure through the Chicago Police Pension Fund. Downstate, the law extends the rebuttable presumption to police and fire personnel, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, health-care providers and corrections officers. It also applies to all essential workers as identified under Governor Pritzker’s March 20 executive order — as long as those workers were required to interact with the public or work with more than 15 employees at their place of work. The provision expires Dec. 31. 


According to language in the bill, an employee who contracts COVID-19 but fails to establish the rebuttable presumption is not precluded from filing for compensation under the bill or under the Workers’ Compensation Act.


The voting record in the House had all members present voting Yes except for Halbrook and Skillicorn voting no, and Gonzalez, Madigan and Carrol were not on the floor. In the Senate, all members voted Yes except for Wilcox, Weaver, Stewart, Plumber voted No while McLure, Martwick, Collins, McGuire and Ellman were not on the Floor for the vote.



Chris Southwood

State Lodge President

Illinois Fraternal Order of Police





8th Annual

Kyle Deatherage

Virtual Memorial 5K

Saturday, June 27, 2020



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     Due to the COVID-19 virus, Illinois Troopers Lodge 41 will be suspending all spring 2020 District Meetings in response to the CDC warnings on group gatherings, as well as the closures to restaurants and bars in Illinois.  Once the ban on gatherings is lifted, and the reopening of restaurants and bars begin, we will resume meetings. The safety of our members, their families, and the public is our first priority.  Starting March 16, 2020, the Troopers Lodge 41 office will also be closed to walk in traffic until further notice.  Merchandise may still be ordered by accessing the order form that is available on the website.  The Lounge/Bar area will still be accessible by key card for members, and they will still be able to call into the office, but office access will be restricted. 




Joe Moon, President



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Monday, August 5, 2019

Hilldale Golf Club









 Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Rain or Shine

 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Troopers Lodge#41

5880 S. Sixth Street Rd., Springfield, IL

RSVPs Appreciated: 1-800-252-5634







Gleneagles Country Club

June 19, 2019



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2019 Illinois Law Enforcement

Memorial Reunion

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


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Troopers Lodge #41


Annual Golf Outing


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5th Annual


Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing

Friday, September 22, 2017

Timber Lakes Golf Course ~ Staunton, IL

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The Illinois State Police is pleased to announce the dedication of the Master Sergeant Stanley W. Talbot Memorial Bridge in Rock Island, IL. Master Sergeant Stanley Talbot, #1989, was killed in the line of duty while working a roadside safety check on June 23, 2001. The dedication ceremony will be held on Monday, July 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm on the lawn of the Rock Island County Courthouse, 210 15th Street, Rock Island, IL.

If attending on duty, uniform of the day will be the summer uniform with mourning band. 





Illinois State Trooper Ryan Matthew Albin, 37, of rural Bellflower, passed away at 8:27 p.m. Wednesday (June 28, 2017) at Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana.


Ryan was born Nov. 16, 1979, in Urbana, the son of Robert C. and Rebecca A. Cohoon Albin.


He is survived by his beloved children, Stella Grace, age 6, and Charlie Robert, age 2; his parents, rural Bellflower; his twin sister, Raeanne (Peter) Stegemann, Avon, Ind.; his sister, Rachelle (fiancé, Jim Nasif) Albin, Mesa, Ariz.; special nieces, Chloe, Olivia, and Mia Stegemann; many cousins, aunts and uncles; and his ISP canine partner, Biko.


Ryan was preceded in death by his grandparents and one cousin, Brian Cohoon.


Ryan graduated from Blue Ridge High School, Farmer City, where he was a multi-sport athlete. He later attended Eureka College, where he received numerous conference honors in football. Ryan was accepted into Illinois State Police Academy Class 111. Ryan was assigned to District 6, Pontiac, where he faithfully and successfully served 11½ years. Ryan was awarded 2015 District 6 Officer of the Year. He was also awarded numerous department commendations and awards for his exemplary criminal interdiction work and DUI enforcement. He was a member of the National Criminal Enforcement Association, served as a juvenile officer and a Fraternal Order of Police trustee.


Ryan attended Trinity Community Fellowship, Farmer City. Ryan loved growing up on a farm and loved his Bellflower community. Ryan’s laughter and smile could brighten any room and was a testament to his faith, work ethics and his many friends that he had made throughout his life. Ryan loved his children, family and friends. He enjoyed working out. Ryan’s joy was becoming a trooper and serving the public each day with his partner, Biko. Ryan will be sorely missed.

















Call your State Representative TODAY to urge a NO vote on SB 16, HB 4027, HB 4045 or any other bill that cuts the pensions of public employees. Dial 888-412-6570 or Click to Call.In recent years, the Illinois Supreme Court has twice found legislation reducing the pension benefits of active and retired public employees to be unconstitutional. So why does Governor Rauner keep pushing to cut public employee pensions—and why are some legislators going along with him?


It’s important to note that no legislation before the General Assembly would cut the pension benefits of current retirees. There is widespread acceptance that the court has flatly rejected any reductions in the pensions of those who have already retired. And it’s important to remember that, despite strong opposition from the unions of We Are One Illinois, the General Assembly acted in 2010 to significantly reduce the pension benefits of all those hired after January 1, 2011 (Tier 2 pension participants). The courts have consistently ruled that only the benefits of current employees and retirees are constitutionally protected. Benefit reductions—or even elimination—are legal for any employee not yet hired at the time changes to the pension code are made.


Rauner and some in the General Assembly are focused on finding ways to get around the constitutional prohibition against cutting the benefits of all employees hired before 1/1/2011 (Tier 1 participants).Relying on the principle of “consideration”, they argue that if employees are given something in return for the reduction in benefits, then the cuts would be constitutional. Senate Bill 16, House Bill 4027 and House Bill 4045 are all based on this “consideration” model, as are several other bills that have been introduced.


SB 16, HB 4027 and HB 4045 affect all Tier 1 active employees in the SERS, SURS, TRS and Chicago Teachers pension systems. Each requires employees to make an irrevocable choice between:


  1. Accepting a delay and reduction in his/her cost-of-living annual adjustment when he/she retires; or
  2. Agreeing that his/her pension benefit would be calculated using only his/her current salary, excluding all future pay increases from calculation of his/her benefit.

These bills attempt to compensate employees who choose Option 1 above by providing for a “consideration payment” of 10% of an employee’s past pension contributions and lowering the employee’s  future contribution rate by 10%.  However, the amount that the employee receives through this payment would be far short of the amount he/she would lose.


Union attorneys argue that this scheme does not meet the “consideration” standard but rather is an involuntary and forced diminishment because either choice represents a reduction of benefits. No matter which choice an employee makes, he/she would lose tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars over the course of his/her retirement years.


Moreover, both bills threaten further harm to retirement security because they initiate a process of moving new employees out of all the state’s pension systems and placing them in a defined-contribution plan. This will have the effect of reducing contributions into the systems, thus exacerbating the underfunding that has consistently plagued all the systems.


Yesterday, the Senate passed SB 16 with bipartisan support and little debate. Click here to read a summary of the billand here to see how senators voted.


Now the battle shifts to the House of Representatives.HB 4027 and HB 4045 (which have the same core provisions as SB 16) passed the House Pension Committee earlier this week, but a number of those who voted to allow them to move out of committee made clear they intend to vote against them on the floor.


At this time, we don’t know whether the House will vote on SB 16, HB 4027 or HB 4045. But one of these bills is very likely to come to the House floor in the next few days.


It’s critical that you call your State Representative TODAY to urge a NO vote on SB 16, HB 4027, HB 4045 or any other bill that cuts the pensions of public employees. Dial 888-412-6570 or Click to Call.Make clear that these bills are unconstitutional, unfair, and you expect your representative to OPPOSE them.

Paid for by We Are One Illinois







2017 Police Memorial Reunion

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


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2017 Troopers Lodge #41 Golf Outing


Friday, June 16, 2017


Cog Hill Golf Club





Proposed Rauner Healthcare Cost Increases


Fact-Checking the misleading CMS video that tries to deceive employees.







Troopers Lodge#41 2016-2020 Election Results


Executive Board


President - Joe Moon


1st Vice President - Hugh Carlock


2nd Vice President - Mike Torrez


Secretary - Todd Adkisson


Treasurer - Frank Biamonte


Sgt. At Arms - Kent James



District 1   John Clark &  Mike Steele


District 2   Michael Minniear &  Marc Kassing


District Chicago  Christopher Tor, Mike Cahill, Jonathan Parker, Nickolas Farnesi and Matt Kiewiet


District 5   Karl Heinecke & Eric Scott


District 6  Charles Baird & Ryan Albin


District 7  Brian Strouss & James Pearce


District 8  Tony Slaughter & Greg Bowers


District 9  Joe Kink, Craig Pool & Steven Ent


District 10  Leonard Kirkpatrick & Curt Welch


District 11  Jason Devino, Kyle Seger & James Randolph


District 12 William Fritchley & Todd Zeigler


District 13  Trent Waller & Byron Farthing


District 14 Neil Merry & Heath Miller


District 15  Doug Balder, Dave Hage, Brandon Engleking & William Ness


District 16  Erin Lanthrip & Ty Moore


District 17  Joseph Savitch & Rick Vanko


District 18  Sam Janus & David Zappa


District 19  Roy Glasscock & Tim Luker


District 20  Stephen Schuwerk & Andrew Stambaugh


District 21  Brad Cosgrove & Zach Peters


District 22  Greg Miller & Mark Stram


Retiree Trustees  Carl “Moon” Mullen, Rocky Nowaczyk & William Pennell


Command Council Trustees  John Dively, Victor Markowski,Cory Ristvedt, William Sons,

Michelle Tufenkjian, Brian Windle & Sean Brannon








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State Police American Legion Meeting


Monday, June 20 @ 6pm at Troopers Lodge #41


5880 S. Sixth Street Rd.


Springfield IL, 62703






To the men and women of Troopers Lodge #41:


This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled to protect public worker pension rights for our current and retired brothers and sisters.  The Court unanimously voted to overturn the Pension Reform Litigation (2015 IL 118585), commonly referred to as Senate Bill 1. 


As members of the “We Are One Illinois” union coalition, the Lodge has opposed this legislation since its inception.  The Court agreed with our position that it was not acceptable to force the current and future retirees aloneto bear the burden of pension reform.  While this decision is a significant victory for all public employees, the war on our pensions and benefits are far from over.  The Lodge will continue to fight for the rights and benefits of all active and retired members. 


Attached are links to the summary and complete Illinois Supreme Court decision.  Also included is the public statement from our group “We Are One Illinois.”


** Read a summary of the court's pension ruling here or the entire ruling here. **




Steve Clemente

President, Troopers Lodge #41


Statement of We Are One Illinois union coalition:


Illinois AFL-CIO president Michael T. Carrigan issued the following statement on behalf of the We Are One Illinois coalition of unions that represent public employees and retirees:


“We are thankful that the Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the will of the people, overturned this unfair and unconstitutional law, and protected the hard-earned life savings of teachers, police, fire fighters, nurses, caregivers and other public service workers and retirees.


 “The Court’s ruling confirms that the Illinois Constitution ensures against the government’s unilateral diminishment or impairment of public pensions.


Because most public employees aren’t eligible for Social Security, their modest pension—just $32,000 a year on average—is the primary source of retirement income for hundreds of thousands of Illinois families. While workers always paid their share, politicians caused the debt by failing to make adequate contributions to the pension funds.


“Public service workers are helpers and problem solvers by trade. With the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling, we urge lawmakers to join us in developing a fair and constitutional solution to pension funding, and we remain ready to work with anyone of good faith to do so.”








On Thursday January 29, 2015, Illinois Troopers Lodge #41 held their Quarterly Board Meeting.  At this meeting both recently retired President Michael Powell, and 1St Vice President Chris Southwood resigned from office.  With these resignations, 2nd Vice President Steve Clemente was sworn in as the new President of Troopers Lodge #41.  President Clemente appointed Joe Moon as 1st Vice President, Hugh Carlock as 2nd Vice President and Todd Adkisson as Secretary.  District Chicago Trustee Jonathan Parker was then elected as Chair of Trustees.


The newly established Lodge #41 Executive Committee is as follows:


Steve Clemente, President


Joe Moon, 1st V.P.


Hugh Carlock, 2nd V.P.


Todd Adkisson, Secretary


Frank Biamonte, Treasurer


Kent James, Sergeant at Arms


Michael Powell, Immediate Past President


Jonathan Parker, Chair of Trustees


Lodge #41 is forever grateful to both Michael Powell and Chris Southwood for their dedication and leadership, and wishes them all the best in their new endeavors.  Mike will be a field representative for The FOP Labor Council and Chris will be continuing as President of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge.



blue star.jpglead.jpg


FOP Members,

The National Fraternal Order of Police has partnered with C.O.P.S. and law enforcement associations across America on a National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day scheduled for January 9th, 2015. Please share this information with members in your states.


In light of recent negativity directed toward law enforcement nationally, there is a need to show law enforcement officers that our citizens recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chosen, in public service to us all.


Can you imagine going to work each day and wondering if you’ll survive your shift and see your family that night? Most people can’t. But in law enforcement, this is a fact of life. Each day 780,000 police officers across our country put a badge on and go to work knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations. Yet, they go to work anyway. Being a law enforcement officer is not just a job, it is a calling. The pay is low, the hours can be terrible, and there is sometimes little appreciation for what you do. Yet, they do it anyway.


What the public doesn’t see is the lengths law enforcement takes to keep our communities safe. On average, between 105 and 203 officers die in the line of duty each year, 50,000 officers are assaulted in the line of duty each year, 14,000 officers are injured in the line of duty each year, and over 300 officers commit suicide each year. There is no other profession in the world, except possibly the military, where you will find these kinds of statistics.


Being a law enforcement officer truly is an impossible job. You must be professional, courteous, caring and yet be ready to protect the public at all times. You must be prepared to make life and death decisions at a moment’s notice. You take an amazing amount of abuse at times, but have to view this abuse as just “part of the job.” You do not have the liberty to express your emotions during many situations.


Law enforcement officers play such an integral part in our society; without them, chaos would reign. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were in trouble – a car accident, a home invasion, an assault – and you did not have someone to call for help? No matter how much abuse law enforcement takes, they continue to do their job, and do it well. They are the guardians of our way of life and they deserve our support.


On January 9th, we call our nation’s citizens to action in support of law enforcement. Those citizens who appreciate law enforcement and are discouraged about the negative attention being given, are encouraged take time on Friday, January 9th to show their support. Support can be shown in a number of ways:


  • Change your profile picture on social media to the .jpg image at the beginning of this proposal
  • See a police officer? Thank a police officer
  • Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement
  • Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency
  • Share a positive story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media
  • Ask children in your community write letters in support of law enforcement
  • Participate in Project Blue Light. Proudly display your blue light in support of law enforcement.
  • Organize an event or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers
  • Advertise your support through local media outlets/billboards
  • Post the public service announcement supplied by C.O.P.S. to your law enforcement’s webpage or social media pages


All of our partnering organizations welcome media outlets to cover this nationwide campaign in support of law enforcement. Leaders from all of the supporting agencies will make themselves available for interviews on the morning of January 9th, 2015. Contact Sara Slone at the National C.O.P.S. office to set up these interviews at (573) 346-4911.


Please also see this link to a PSA you can also feel free to post or send to your members: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK-0UvwasUc


National Secretary

Fraternal Order of Police
701 Marriott Drive
Nashville, TN 37214




Judge Rules Against State in SB 1 Pension Bill Fight


Dear Brothers and Sisters:


A Sangamon County judge Friday ruled Illinois pension reform law (SB 1), intended to help the state reduce its $100 billion pension debt, is “unconstitutional and void in its entirety,” marking a victory for state workers.


The State argued that it had the right to diminish or impair the Pension Protection Clause of the Illinois Constitution Code under the use of “Police Powers.”  This argument would allow the state the ability to modify or restrict contractual pension rights of state employees and retirees.  The Court found that, on its face, “the Act impairs and diminishes the benefits of membership in State retirement system in multiple ways.”  The Court continued and said that the legislation changed more than 39 separate sections and provisions of various sections that were inseparable, so the entire statue violates the Illinois Constitution.


Specifically, the Court declared:


1).          There is no police power or reserved sovereign power to diminish pension benefits.


2).          The temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction entered previously is made

               permanent. The defendant’s (State) are permanently enjoined from enforcing or

               implementing any provision of Public Act 98-0599.


3).           Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 304(a), the Court finds that there is no just reason for

               delaying either the enforcement of this order or appeal or both.


The decision by Circuit Judge John Belz will likely prompt state officials to appeal the decision directly to the Illinois Supreme Court for a final decision.  As part of the “We Are One Coalition”, the Lodge has been involved in this fight from the beginning.  Today’s decision will not be the end of the fight to protect the pension rights of active and retired public employees.  Today’s ruling will not be the last battle in our fight.  As the effort continues, the Lodge and the “We Are One Coalition” will continue to bring you the latest information in the fight to protect the rights of all public employees.



Michael Powell


President, Illinois Troopers Lodge #41





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a Troopers Lodge #41 VISA Platinum Credit Card!


Did you know that Troopers Lodge #41 offers its very own VISA Platinum Credit Card?  The card comes with many great benefits including an annual percentage rate (APR) as low as 7.15%, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and the option of earning cash rewards.  But what makes this card different than all other credit cards is that each time you make a purchase with the card Troopers Lodge #41 will earn money!  Offered through the exclusive partnership formed between Troopers Lodge #41 and ISPFCU, you can be proud to carry a card representing Troopers Lodge #41 and help the lodge at the same time. 


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On August 28, 2014, Sangamon County Judge Steven Nardulli granted the Plaintiff's request to prevent the State from deducting insurance premiums from retired state employee pension checks.  This ruling applies to those retirees who previously received free health insurance with +20 years of service.  Yesterday's ruling prohibits the State from deducting insurance premiums that were originally instituted in July of 2013.  Due to time constraints, reductions will be effective with the October pension check.


The Court's injunction follows the previous announcement from CMS that the State would not collect the additional premium increases that became effective with the July 2014 increase. Yesterday's ruling prohibits the State from deducting remaining premiums that were originally instituted in July of 2013.


The manner in which retirees will receive refunds for previous premiums paid has not been resolved.  Another hearing is scheduled November 21, 2014 to discuss the repayment process and other related issues.  All State Police retirees are among a group of retirees whose premium payments were paid into an escrow fund.


The Lodge will keep you updated as events transpire.  The additional information can be found at  http://www.sj-r.com/article/20140828/NEWS/140829448







The majority has held that “the State’s provision of health insurance premium subsidies for retirees is a benefit of membership in a pension or retirement system within the meaning of article XIII, section 5, of the Illinois Constitution” and, as a result, these subsidies are constitutionally protected from any diminishment or impairment. Four groups of plaintiffs filed separate cases which were consolidated and argued in Sangamon County.
The complaint filed by the FOP and We Are One in, Bauer v. Weems challenged the constitutional offense as well as on the ground that it constitutes an impermissible impairment of contract in violation of the contracts clause (Ill. Const. 1970, art. I, § 16). The Bauer v. Weems plaintiffs allege that the service-based schedule of graduated premium percentages, established by section 10 of the Group Insurance Act, is a form of deferred compensation and that the terms of the collective bargaining agreements, which incorporated that service-based schedule, created an enforceable contractual right to collect this deferred compensation upon their retirement. The Bauer v. Weems plaintiffs further assert that requiring contributions in excess of those required under the service-based graduated schedule, as provided in the collective bargaining agreements, constitutes a breach of contract under common-law principles, for which they are entitled to an award of damages.

Plaintiffs include members of the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS), the State Universities Retirement System (SURS), and the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois (TRS), which are the three state retirement systems that are affected by Public Act 97-695.
Daniel Nelson
General Counsel
Director of Governmental Affairs
Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge




The Illinois Supreme Court has reversed


and remanded the SB 1313 decision.


Click link below to read the complete decision.


Illinois Supreme Court Health Care Decision





Troopers Lodge #41 mourns the passing of past Lodge President

Gerald (Jerry) Gorski




Gerald (Jerry) Gorski, age 81, of Oregon, Illinois, formerly of Geneva, son of late William and Marie (Hankus), devoted husband of Diane (Vainowski), loving father of Donna Gorski of De Kalb, Geri Gorski of Aurora and John (Martha Peterson) of St. Johns, Florida, proud grandfather of Jack and Lauren of Florida, and brother of the late Robert (Dolores Koron), passed away peacefully at Serenity Hospice in Oregon on June 16, 2014.  He attended Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago, where he received a music scholarship, then transferred to Harper High School where he played varsity basketball and baseball.  On weekends he played drums in a band.  Upon graduation in 1950 he served in the Navy during the Korean War.  In 1954 he married his wife of 60 years, moved to Geneva and joined the Illinois State Police.  After serving 30 years with The Illinois State Police, he spent many years promoting the brotherhood and rights of policemen.  He was elected president of Troopers Lodge 41.  He was then elected president of the Illinois State Fraternal Order of Police and served as National FOP Trustee for 14 years and a bailiff in Kane County.  He was a member of Moose Lodge 1551, Mt. Morris.   He was an avid fisherman, traveling to Canada yearly since the age of 15.  He played basketball, baseball, and softball for many years with the Venetian Café team in Geneva.  He enjoyed sports, especially the Chicago White Sox.  A celebration of his life will be held from 3:00-6:00 on Sunday, July 27 at St. Charles Moose, 2250 West Rt. 38, St. Charles, IL.  Memorials may be made to Serenity Hospice & Home, 1658 So. IL Rt. 2, Oregon, IL, 61061.  Arrangements were made by Farrell-Holland-Gale Funeral Home, Oregon.






A 7th Judicial Circuit Court Judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the implementation of the new state pension law until a lawsuit disputing the challenges is heard.  The ruling prevents the State from implementing any changes to the SERS pension rules which were legislatively approved in December 2013.


Sangamon County Judge John Belz issued the ruling today.


Five different lawsuits have been filed all trying to have the reform bill passed in December declared unconstitutional. A judge has ordered that all of the cases be combined as one and heard in Sangamon County.


Click link below for news article







Today, the We Are One Illinois union coalition and plaintiffs filed a motion for injunctive relief in Sangamon County Circuit Court.


The motion seeks to stop the implementation of pension theft legislation, Senate Bill 1 (also now called Public Act 98-599), by seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction until a final resolution on the bill’s merits is reached.


The pension theft bill, SB 1, makes unfair, unconstitutional cuts to the pensions of working and retired members of the Teachers' Retirement System, State Employees' Retirement System, and State Universities Retirement System. It reduces the value of retirement benefits by one-third or more through slashing cost-of-living adjustments. It also hikes retirement ages by up to five years, undermines defined-benefit systems by expanding 401(k)'s, and caps the amount of salary that earns a pension.


You can view the injuction by going to our website at:    www.weareoneillinois.org


In coming days, the court will decide whether to grant the injunction to stop pension-slashing SB 1 from taking effect.


Michael T. Carrigan, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO, made the following statement to the media explaining why an injunction is critical:


“The pension theft bill must not be implemented before the courts have ruled. The fair and proper thing to do is not to allow this legislation to cause any damage until the courts have spoken on its constitutionality. Otherwise, teachers, first responders, nurses, and other state and university employees and retirees will be irreparably harmed. People are being forced to make irrevocable, life-altering retirement decisions. Yet they face these decisions in an uncertain economic environment while awaiting a court ruling. The pension theft bill should -- and, we believe, will -- be overturned, but the decision to retire cannot be undone. A complete stay of the bill's implementation is necessary to avoid irreparably harming active and retired teachers and state and university employees.”


In addition to our injunctive efforts, our coalition will continue to seek to overturn SB 1 through our lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the bill. You can view the text of the original lawsuit on our website.


Please continue to regularly monitor our website and Facebook page for updates.


- We Are One Illinois



Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Reauthorization Act


Please click below for information from National FOP President Chuck Canterbury concerning this important bill.












Attention FOP Members and supporters of law enforcement:


As you are aware, the National Fraternal Order of Police opposes the confirmation of Debo Adegbile as the next Assistant Attorney General to head the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. See the FOP’s letter to President Obama in opposition of this appointment here: http://www.fop.net/publications/archives/letters/2014_0106.pdf.


Philadelphia Lodge #5 has issued a CALL TO ACTION and ask that you consider signing the online petition at www.change.org(or use the link listed below).


Please join your brothers and sisters in public safety and like-minded civilians to let the United States Senate know that we do not want Debo Adegbile to be the next Assistant Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice.


It is easy to do and will take less than a minute. Click on the following link to sign the petition:




The vote is Wednesday (March 5, 2014). Do it now and please encourage others to sign the petition as well.


At some point there may be Justice for slain police officer Danny Faulkner.Let’s get it started right now.


Patrick Yoes

National Secretary



As many of you know, on January 27 th at 9:10 pm, Tpr. Doug Balder #5899 and Tollway maintenance worker Vincenzo “Enzo” Petrella were on I-88 near Aurora assisting a disabled truck in the right lane of traffic when they were struck from the rear by a Truck Tractor Semi-trailer hauling metal coils. Tpr. Balder was severely injured and burned over approximately 15% of his body when his car burst into flames. He remains in a state of medical sleep at Loyola Hospital. Vincenzo Petrella died at the scene. Vincenzo leaves behind a wife and two children, ages 4 and 7. Doug also has a wife and two children, ages 3 and 8. 

If you wish to donate to Doug's family, an account has been set up through the ISP Credit Union under:  TROOPER DOUGLAS BALDER BENEFIT

If you have an account with the Credit Union, you can transfer money from your account into the benefit account, or send a check to 730 Engineering Ave, Springfield, Il 62703.

If you wish to donate to Vincenzo's family, an account (Vincenzo “Enzo” Memorial Trust) has been set up through Chase Bank.   Donations may be sent to any Chase Bank branch.  It is requested that you include the account #3020146931 with the donation.





Good Evening Brothers and Sisters,


     This afternoon the Illinois General Assembly met and passed unfair and unconstitutional pension reform.  It was a fairly close vote in both the House and the Senate but ultimately Speaker Madigan was able to pass this Pension Theft Legislation thru.  The Lodge worked tirelessly to oppose this Legislation but in the end our hardworking efforts were unsuccessful.  Make no mistake the constitutionality of this unfair legislation will be challenged.  Troopers Lodge 41 will be meeting and coordinating with other major public employee unions in the coming days to develop and proceed with litigation. 


    Below you will find links to the vote sheets from today's vote in the House and Senate.  With these vote sheets we can clearly see who our true supporters are.  I hope you will keep the yes votes in mind with the coming elections.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the Lodge Office.


 Chris Southwood        

  Vice President           

  Illinois Troopers Lodge # 41

  309 258-9598



















It’s official. The four legislative leaders have announced a deal to cut public employee and retiree pensions. All lawmakers will return to Springfield tomorrow – Tuesday, December 3 – to vote on the leaders’ extreme scheme. 

That’s why you have to act TODAY.

Backroom deals don’t always hold up in the light of day – and that’s where you come in. We’ve got to make sure lawmakers hear from us before they vote – and that they know just how strongly we feel. Take these actions NOW:


1) Call our hotline toll-free today and tomorrowJust dial 888-412-6570 or click-to-call. Tell your lawmakers to oppose the leaders’ pension-cutting deal.


2) Follow up your phone call with an e-mail by clicking here. Don’t let your legislators get away with saying they didn’t know how strongly you felt.


3) If you use social media like Facebook and Twitter, join our ThunderClap to spread our message tonight: Don’t steal the life-savings of public employees and retirees!

You may have already contacted your legislators many times before. But you need to do it again – don’t wait.


Also, our website has several new features to help inform you. We have a summary of the leaders’ extreme scheme (as provided by legislative staff to the media and lawmakers). We also have fact sheets that explain our opposition to this pension-cutting scheme and why it’s just like the pension-slashing mega-bill (Senate Bill 1) that we defeated this spring. Lastly, we have posted a spreadsheet tool you can use to make a rough estimate of how the leaders’ COLA cut will affect your pension. Please visit our website to get the latest information on how pensions could be cut if the leaders’ scheme goes forward.


Make sure you call your state senator and state representative today. Our message is clear: Vote NO on the leaders’ pension deal. Tell lawmakers not to take the life-savings of public employees and retirees. Call 888-412-6570 or click here.


Let them hear you before it’s too late.


- We Are One Illinois
Paid for by We Are One Illinois




Brothers and Sisters:


Below is a draft copy of the pension reform proposal put out by the Special Committee on Pension Review.  The Lodge is adamantly opposed to this piece of legislation.  We implore all members to immediately contact their legislators and request they vote NO on this unconstitutional, unfair attack on our retirement security, as well as our collective bargaining rights.  This is the most drastic attack our membership has faced since the inception of this Lodge.  We must act now.




Joe Moon, Secretary

Illinois Troopers Lodge #41




Here is a summary of the latest pension proposal expected to be considered by the General Assembly during our special session on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013.


Details as of 11/29/13


Funding schedule and method for certifying contributions: Establishes an actuarially sound funding schedule to achieve 100% funding no later than the end of FY 2044. Contributions will be certified using the entry age normal actuarial cost method (EAN), which averages costs evenly over the pensioner’s employment and results in level contributions.


Supplemental contributions: The State will contribute (i) $364 million in FY 2019, (ii) $1 billion annually thereafter through 2045 or until the system reaches 100% funding, and (iii) 10% of the annual savings resulting from pension reform beginning in FY 2016 until the system reaches 100% funding. These contributions will be “pure add on,” which means State contributions in any year will not be reduced by these amounts.


Funding guarantee: If the State fails to make a pension payment or a supplemental contribution, a retirement system may file an action in the Illinois Supreme Court to compel the State to make the required pension payment and/or supplemental contribution set by law each year.


Employee contribution: Employees will contribute 1% less of their salary toward their pension.


Annual annuity adjustment (COLAs): Future COLAs will be based on a retiree’s years of service and the full CPI. The annual increase will be equal to 3% of years of service multiplied by $1,000 ($800 for those coordinated with social security). The $1000/$800 will be adjusted each year by the CPI for everyone (retirees and current employees). Those with an annuity that is less than their years of service multiplied by $1000/$800, or whatever the amount is at the time of retirement, will receive a COLA equal to 3% compounded each year until their annuity reaches that amount.

Additionally, current employees will miss annual adjustments depending on age: employees 50 or over miss 1 adjustment (year 2); 49-47 miss 3 adjustments (years 2, 4, and 6); 46-44 miss 4 adjustments (years 2, 4, 6, and 8); 43 and under miss 5 adjustments (years 2, 4, 6, 8, 10).


Pensionable salary cap: Applies the Tier II salary cap ($109,971 for 2013), which is annually adjusted by the lesser of 3% or ½ of the annual CPI-U. Salaries that currently exceed the cap or that will exceed the cap based on raises in a collective bargaining agreement would be grandfathered in.


Retirement age: For those 45 years of age or under, the retirement age will be increased on a graduated scale. For each year a member is under 46, the retirement age will be increased by 4 months (up to 5 years).


Effective rate of interest (ERI): For all purposes, the ERI for SURS and the rate of regular interest for TRS will be the interest rate paid by 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds plus 75 basis points.


GARS Tier 2 fix: Brings GARS Tier 2 salary cap and annual adjustment in line with other Tier 2 benefits.


Pension abuses: Prohibits future members of non-governmental organizations from participating in IMRF, SURS, and TRS. Prohibits new hires from using sick or vacation time toward pensionable salary or years of service (applies to SERS, SURS, TRS, IMRF, Cook County, and Chicago Teachers).


Defined contribution plan: Beginning July 1, 2015, up to 5% of Tier 1 active members have the option of joining a defined contribution plan. The plan must be revenue neutral and employee contributions will be equal to those for the defined benefit plan. If a member chooses to opt into the defined contribution plan, benefits previously accrued in the defined benefit plan will be frozen.


Collective bargaining: All pension matters, except pension pickups, are removed from collective bargaining.


Healthcare payments: Prohibits the State pension systems from using pension funds to pay healthcare costs.







Pension Emergency Call-In Days are underway today and tomorrow! Don’t wait to take action!


Call 888-412-6570 or click here to call. Call both your state representative and state senator and tell them:  “Vote NO on any pension bill not supported by the We Are One Illinois union coalition.” Join thousands of Illinoisans around the state and take action now!


Politicians plan to return to Springfield starting Tuesday, December 3, to vote on another pension-gutting mega-bill. Legislative leaders are crafting new, extreme pension-theft legislation that looks to slash COLAs by one-third – among other cuts that take away the life-savings of public employees and retirees.


Fight back! Call your lawmakers today and tomorrow at 888-412-6570.Even if you’ve called many times before, call again.

And be ready to hear from your local unions and retiree chapters on our in-person, in-district Pension Emergency Legislative Actions in key areas on Monday, December 2.


Keep up the pressure – and thanks for your efforts!


- We Are One Illinois 




HMS Solutions Dependent Forms Compliance Information


Many of you are unsure if you have provided all of the information required, or the correct information when completing the HMS Dependent forms.


If you are concerned that you may not have completed the HMS Dependent forms correctly, or if you want to confirm that you are in compliance, please click the link below.  It will direct you to a website to get that confirmation.






Commission on Government Forecasting


and Accountability Meeting Update


There was a meeting concerning the Group Insurance Program and Medicare Advantage Program at 8:30 am Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at the Capitol.  The purpose of this meeting was to obtain an update from CMS on the Group Insurance Program with specific discussion of the Medicare Advantage Program and the contract awards announced October 1, 2013.  Several Lodge Officers and retirees attended this meeting.  To hear the audio of the meeting, please click the link below and then click on Meeting Audio.







Illinois politicians are at it again – trying to make unfair, illegal cuts to the hard-earned retirement benefits of public employees and retirees.


This time, the special conference committee on pensions has put together a new, draft plan that cuts pensions as deeply as House Speaker Michael Madigan’s Senate Bill 1. (Remember SB 1? Click here for a refresher.)  A vote on the draft plan is possible during the legislature’s fall veto session – scheduled for October 22-24 and November 5-7.


It’s time to fight back.


Call your state representative and senator right now and tell them to oppose the conference committee’s draft plan. It’s the same as the Speaker’s SB 1 – unfair and unconstitutional.


Click here to call or use our toll-free hotline at 888-412-6570. Be sure to speak to both your House and Senate lawmaker – we need to keep up the pressure in both chambers.


What’s in the committee’s draft plan? The same pension-slashing approach as the Speaker’s SB 1!


At this point, the plan includes:


1. The devastating Half-CPI “Diet” COLA cut.This cut replaces the 3% compounded cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) with a COLA that only keeps pace with half the inflation rate. This “Half-CPI” COLA means pensions will always lose value to inflation by design, and senior citizens won’t be able to keep up with rising living expenses. The Half-CPI COLA cuts pensions essentially as deeply as SB 1.


2. Long COLA holidays of up to five years.On top of the Half-CPI “Diet” COLA cut, the plan mandates COLA holidays of up to five years – again, similar to SB 1. These long holidays further erode pension values and harm retirement security.


3. A cap on the amount of salary that earns a pension. This cap ignores the mandatory overtime worked by many public employees, especially those with physically-demanding, high-risk professions.

These details may still change, so keep up to date by watching our website. Click on this link for more information, including our informational fact sheets on the current elements of the proposal.

Protect the hard-won retirement security of public employees and retirees across Illinoisact now.


Make two calls today – call your state representative and your state senator toll-free at 888-412-6570. Tell each of them you oppose the conference committee’s draft plan to slash pensions and any plan not supported by We Are One Illinois.


Thank you for being an active member of our coalition – today and in the past. Your efforts have stopped destructive pension legislation to this point – and we can do it again, together.


- We Are One Illinois


Find us on Facebook by visiting http://www.facebook.com/WeAreOneIL

Paid for by We Are One Illinois



Commission on Government Forecasting


and Accountability Meeting Update


There will be a meeting concerning the Group Insurance Program and Medicare Advantage Program at 8:30 am Wednesday, October 23, 2013 in room 400 of the Capitol.  The purpose of this meeting is to obtain an update from CMS on the Group Insurance Program with specific discussion of the Medicare Advantage Program and the contract awards announced October 1, 2013.


The Lodge encourages its members to attend this very important meeting, if possible.  Anyone requiring transportation from the Lodge office to the Capitol, please contact us ASAP @ 1-800-252-5634 so that transportation can be arranged.



In blow to Gov. Quinn, judge rules state lawmakers must be paid

            BY JON SEIDEL Staff Reporter September 26, 2013 2:24PM


A Cook County judge decided on Thursday that Gov. Pat Quinn’s move to stop paying lawmakers was unconstitutional and ordered Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka to pay them immediately plus interest.


Cook County Judge Neil H. Cohen ruled that Quinn violated the section of the Illinois Constitution, which holds that state lawmakers’ salaries must not be changed during the term in which they were elected.

Quinn decided to withhold that pay after state lawmakers failed to solved the state’s pension crisis. Those lawmakers, in turn, sued to get their salaries.


Quinn had said he was acting on behalf of taxpayers who have seen the state take a fiscal hit as its pension crisis continues to worsen. A continued $100 billion pension liability hangs over the state, which has caused bond rating downgrades and continues to eat up the state budget.


Both Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton had said Quinn’s veto set poor precedent and called it unconstitutional.

Contributing: Natasha Korecki



Policies adopted by the Illinois General Assembly have begun to slow the growth of Illinois' unfunded pension liability.

Policies adopted by the Illinois General Assembly have begun to slow the growth of Illinois’ unfunded pension liability.


(Chicago) – Insider: Are you sitting down? Illinois has good financial news.


Illinois’ unfunded pension liability has slowed dramatically, according to new data.


Governor Pat Quinn announced on Saturday morning that latest projection of the growth in the state’s unfunded pension liability has fallen to $5 million a day from $17 million.  During the course of a full year, that amounts to a reduced liability of $4.32 billion. That’s some serious swag, folks.  As late as Thursday at a legislative pension hearing, Quinn’s budget director, Jerry Stermer, kept lawmakers in the dark by still citing the $17 million figure.

What gives?


Quinn credits the slowing acceleration of Illinois’ pension debt to Illinois making the full statutory payment to the pension systems every year and the enactment of a pension reform law in 2010, which created a “Tier 2” lower pension plan for new hires and not a boost from investments in a surging stock market.


“Improvement in the financial markets does not factor into the latest projection,” says Quinn’s press release.  The impact of improved investment returns will be reflected when the five pension systems release data on the growth in their respective funds and their portfolio performance again in November.  The daily cost of the unfunded liability growth is calculated by taking the projected amount of the growth of the shortfall in a given fiscal year among the state’s five pension systems, and dividing that number by 365.  Apparently the “do nothing” Illinois General Assembly has done enough to help to turn the long-term tide of the state’s underfunded pension systems which currently totals approximately $96 billion.  This will really make the heads at the Chicago Tribune  editorial board at the Illinois Policy Institute explode.


Despite the good news, Quinn refused in his statement to recognize the improvement with any positive comment.  In fact, the governor sought to maintain the heat on lawmakers by continuing to cast them as the villains – despite their role in appropriating the full pension payments and crafting the 2010 pension reform while Quinn sat on the sidelines – as they ponder a compromise pension solution.


“The people of Illinois are continuing to pay a steep price of $5 million a day for legislative inertia on pension reform,” Quinn said.  ”We must stop this bleeding. Legislators must work around the clock to put a bill on my desk that erases the pension debt for the greater good of the people of Illinois.”


Quinn, who has produced no pension reform bill of own and who has oscillated between various other proposals, accused lawmakers in his press release of being responsible for higher borrowing costs.


“Additionally, the General Assembly’s failure to send the governor a comprehensive pension reform bill has resulted in multiple downgrades of Illinois’ credit rating, which hurts the state’s economic recovery, and just this Wednesday cost taxpayers an extra $130 million to ensure work continues on critical capital construction projects. This year alone, the lack of action has cost taxpayers $180 million in additional costs over the life of the bonds,” the press release intoned.


Nice way to make friends when you need them most.

The governor has set a deadline of July 9 for the General Assembly to act on a comprehensive pension reform bill.

We’ll see.


In the meantime though, the Illinois General Assembly deserves some credit for a concrete improvement in an otherwise bleak pension picture because Quinn has zero intention of sharing even a crumb of credit with those who put the reforms in place.


Good job, lawmakers.


Twitter @DavidOrmsby






Tell the Conference Committee to Adopt SB 2404 Unchanged and Explore Alternatives to Pension Cuts!


Click link below



Elaine Nekritz

Illinois House of Representatives

Arthur Turner

Illinois House of Representatives

Michael Zalewski

Illinois House of Representatives

Jil Tracy

Illinois House of Representatives

Darlene Senger

Illinois House of Representatives

Daniel Biss

Illinois Senate

Bill Brady

Illinois Senate

Linda Holmes

Illinois Senate

Kwame Raoul

Illinois Senate

Matt Murphy

Illinois Senate





Senate Bill 2404, Pension Reform, passed the Senate 40 - 16.  Please visit Troopers Only section for more info.



This petition was started becuase many states are passing legislation that limits capacity to 7 or less rounds for everybody.  An employed off duty officer was arrested in New York because his weapon held / could hold more than the 7 limit.  He had to check his gun at a federal building when he went to see a friend and when they inspected his weapon they found the issue and immediately arrested him.  There is no provision for retired or working LEOs to be grandfathered in with respects to a national standard or their home state standard.  This petition is to make an exception for working and retired LEOs in LEOSA.


The International Association of Retired Law Enforcement Officers
May, 2, 2013


Action News Alert

Attention IARLEO Members

Help Protect Your Right To Carry Acitve-Duty Capacity Magazines


Dear IARLEO Officers and Members,

Re-print from the FLEOA Legislative Committee.
Adding to the collateral damage from the gun-control debate, certain states have opted to pass legislation that will limit the magazine carry capacity for retired law enforcement officers. Irrespective on one's views on gun control, it is entirely incomprehensible that any state would seek to weaken our honorably retired officers/agents ability to defend themselves and others. Please see the below message which calls for signatures for a petition support to amend the LEOSA Improvement Act of 2010:
In an effort to overcome ill-conceived state legislation that may limit retired officers/agents firearm carry rights, FLEOA is supporting a White House targeted petition that seeks to remedy this.  The below petition calls upon the President to amend the LEOSA Improvement Act of 2010.  Specifically, the petition seeks to allow retired law enforcement officers to continue carrying magazines that are commensurate to their former active-duty capacity, and not limited in size.  Recent state legislation, New York State in particular, seeks to trample on the spirit of LEOSA and the true value of having honorably retired law enforcement officers continue to carry.  By limiting our retired officers' magazine carry authority, certain states are projecting a potentially fatal message that 20+ years of law enforcement experience and training doesn’t matter.  Our retired members should not be discarded and thrown under the Gun Control debate bus.  Please review the below petition and consider signing ASAP:   
The following petition was created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov.  The petition is outlined below.
The petition needs 150 signatures within the next 10 days for it to be searchable on the White House Petition Page.  Until then, you can only access it through the link below.  If this petition gets 100,000 signatures by May 24, 2013, the White House will review it and respond.  I believe this petition is in the best interest of all active and retired LEOs.  Can you assist by spreading the message in order to obtain the needed signature for the Obama Administration to consider the petition?  Send it to your family and friends.  All you need is an email address and a zip code to sign the petition.
The link to the petition site ishttp://wh.gov/t5Tz
Amend the “Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004” to allow active and qualified retired law enforcement officers to utilize standard capacity magazines without restriction(s) to the number of rounds per magazine as may be limited by individual State laws.
The “Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004” (“LEOSA”, commonly referred to by members of law enforcement as “HR 218” or the “Right to Carry” law) was intended to allow active and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons nationwide without having to obtain permits from each individual state or locality.
The LEOSA was amended on October 12, 2010, by the “Law Enforcement Safety Improvement Act of 2010”and again on January 2, 2013, as amended by the “National Defense Authorization Act of 2013”.
Due to many recent significant changes in individual State laws, specifically relating to magazine ammunition capacity, an amendment to LEOSA is again needed.  The amendment would allow active and qualified retired law enforcement officers the right to carry any standard capacity ammunition magazine not otherwise banned by Federal law.
The amendment will prevent prosecutions of qualified retired law enforcement officers legally carrying a weapon under LEOSA when traveling to and through States that have magazine capacity laws.


International Association of Retired Law Enforcement Officers Inc.







The House is expected to vote TODAY


on pension-cutting SB1.  Call 888-412-6570


now and tell your rep to vote NO!!




A House Committee passed pension-cutting SB1, HA1.


A floor vote is pending.


CALL YOUR REP AT 888-412-6570









Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has put the final touches on a pension-slashing “mega-bill.” The bill – presented as House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1 – could be up for a vote as early as Wednesday, May 1.


Call your state representative today and urge them to vote NO on the Speaker’s “mega-bill” or any other pension bill opposed by the We Are One Illinois coalition of unions. Click here to call our toll-free hotline, or dial 888-412-6570.


The House has already approved a series of unfair and illegal bills that deeply cut cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), raise retirement ages, and make other harmful pension benefit reductions. Many elements of these bills resurfaced in the Speaker’s “mega-bill.” You can read more about the House’s past actions by clicking here.


Click here to call and make your voice heard, and then tell five family members or friends to add their voices to yours.


The Illinois legislature will meet in Springfield almost every day in the month of May. Your activism continues to make the difference in this years-long fight for retirement security. We must keep up the pressure. To receive breaking news on your mobile device, text WEAREONE to 225568. We will also keep posting regular updates on Facebook and our website.


Lawmakers could act at any time, so do not wait to call.


- We Are One Illinois


Paid for by We Are One Illinois



On behalf of Troopers Lodge 41, I would like to thank all

of the telecommunicators for all they do.  You folks are not forgotten

and we appreciate your service, dedication and steadfast support.

Without you our jobs would be almost impossible and clearly less safe.

A big heartfelt THANK YOU from us!  

Michael Powell, President
Troopers Lodge 41









Politico's Morning Transportation. The poll asks: Should the federal truck weight limit on Interstates be lifted from 80,000-pounds to 97,0000-pounds?

If you havent already, please take a moment and answer this poll, http://bit.ly/12phycs. We need to send a message to Congress that bigger trucks will create serious danger on our roads.

Raising truck weight limits is a major safety concern for the traveling public. Bigger trucks can take longer to stop, have a greater risk of roll-over and can turn accidents into serious accidents and serious accidents into fatalities.

We need to put public safety above all else. Please take a minute to answer this short poll. It is only one question. This is another way you can let D.C. lawmakers know you dont support bigger, more dangerous trucks.

Do you want heavier trucks on the roads? Be sure to vote before Sunday at noon: http://bit.ly/12phycs.  


Politico's Morning Transportation is an important publication in Washington D.C. that provides daily updates on transportation issues.






It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of Trooper James Sauter.



Downer’s Grove – Illinois State Police Director Hiram Grau today released the following statement regarding the fatal crash that claimed the life of a District15 State Trooper on Thursday, March 28, 2013.


“It is with deep sadness that I announce the tragic death of Trooper James Sauter, and on behalf of the men and women of the Illinois State Police, I offer sincere condolences to Trooper Sauter’s family,” said ISP Director Hiram Grau. “Trooper Sauter left a legacy of courage, honor and duty and we will never forget Star #6095. Our hearts are heavy with grief, but they are also strengthened by Trooper Sauter’s brave calling and dedicated service to ISP,” Grau added.


Trooper Sauter was on duty in his ISP squad car when his vehicle was struck by a truck tractor semi-trailer at I-294 southbound at Willow Road. He was pronounced at the scene early Friday morning and had been a member of the Illinois State Police since June 29, 2008. Trooper Sauter had just completed a temporary assignment in Air Operations and was recently re-assigned to District 15 as a patrolman.


Trooper Sauter was 28 years old and is survived by his wife, Elizabeth and family.


Funeral arrangements for Illinois State Police Trooper James Sauter, who was killed in the line of duty on Thursday, March 28, 2013, are as follows:



Monday, April 1, 2013, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Hills Funeral Home,10201 South Roberts Road, Palos Hills, Illinois 60465



Tuesday, April 2, 2013, at 11:00 a.m.

Morraine Valley Church, 6300 W. 127th Street, Palos Heights, Illinois 60463


Appropriate attire for ISP officers attending the visitation on Monday, April 1, is dress blouse or business attire. Officers attending the funeral on Tuesday, April 2, will wear the dress blouse uniform. 



Retiree Health Care Lawsuit Upbate (SB 1313) 


On February 20, 2013, a hearing was held in Sangamon County on the State’s request to dismiss our consolidated lawsuit. Arguments were hear from all sides. Your Lodge had representatives in the Courtroom to follow the proceedings. The Judge has asked for further information from both sides before he rules in three weeks. Click on the attached link for the State Journal Register’s updated news story.





Good Afternoon Everyone,


The House Pension Committee met this afternoon and voted 6 - 3 to send SB 1673 out of committee and to the House for a vote.  The Lodge was there at the Committee Meeting to voice our opposition to the Bill.  We anticipated it having the votes to come out of committee, so this is not a surprise.  We now are working to block it from being called for a vote on the Floor and working hard to keep it from passing if it is in fact called.  The House already adjourned this afternoon without calling it for a vote.


Now is the time.... we must let our voice be heard... call your Senators and Representatives and request they vote NO on SB 1673...   The Lodge continues to voice our opposition to this unfair and unconstitutional Bill, but we need your help to stop it....... Call now. 


To contact your legislators, click the logo below.



Stay Safe...


Chris Southwood, Vice President           

IllinoisTroopers Lodge # 41 





HB 1447 came out of rules committee today.  This is the bill that rquires retirees to choose between their State Healthcare or COLA's.  This Bill has already passed the Senate.  It could be called for a vote in the House as early as Sunday evening, January 6, 2013.


Please contact your Representative immediately and voice your opposition to this Bill!!



To view the bill, click link below.






Congratulations to AFSCME on a hard fought victory!! 


TO:  AFSCME Members


FR:  Henry Bayer, Executive Director


Yesterday Circuit Court Judge Richard Billick issued his ruling in AFSCME’s longstanding dispute with the Quinn Administration over its failure to pay negotiated wage increases to thousands of state employees.  While his decision was not the unconditional victory we might have hoped for, it is nonetheless a very positive one for union members. 


NOTE: The judge read his decision in open court.  Because we wanted to get information out to union members as quickly as possible, the information below is based on notes that the attorneys took.  There may need to be further clarifications once the written transcript is issued.


Judge Billick affirmed his earlier ruling that the State can't pay what was not appropriated.  However, he rejected the State's basic argument of "condition precedent," i.e. that the State is not obligated to ever pay the money if it had not been appropriated.  Rather, he said that the State had entered into a contract with the union and the obligation to meet its terms remains.  This means that the State must pay what it can now.  The judge rejected the State's argument that if it can't pay everyone in the agency it should not have to pay anyone. For appropriation lines without enough money, the State should pay what it can to each employee, if not the whole amount.  


Perhaps most importantly, the judge ruled that the State’s legal obligation to pay remains until employees have been fully paid.  Once employees are paid from the funds available now, any money still owed to them must eventually be paid from the Back Wage Fund at 7 percent interest. 

Earlier this year, AFSCME attorneys had conducted extensive discovery hearings on each state agency whose employees had not yet received the pay increase.  Through that process, the Union identified significant funds that the State had not acknowledged were available. 


For some agencies, the State agreed that there were enough funds available to allow the increases to be paid.  For those agencies in which the funds identified were not sufficient, AFSCME asked the court to sequester all the monies available so that they would not be lapsed at the end of the fiscal year lapse period. While there were significant additional funds identified for those agencies in which employees have not been paid, the amounts vary by agency and in no case are they sufficient to pay the entire amount of wages owed.


In his ruling yesterday, the judge directed that the State must do whatever is necessary in conjunction with the Comptroller to now move those funds into a Trust Fund that cannot be accessed for any other purpose other than to pay employees the money they are owed. The judge has not yet ruled as to exactly how the money that is currently available should be dispersed.  He is expected to issue further clarification on this matter.


While this ruling is a strong affirmation of the Union’s position, it is not all that we could have hoped for in certain respects.  Until the final order is received in writing and can be thoroughly reviewed by our attorneys, we will not be able to determine whether the Union will file an appeal.  Nor do we know at this time whether the Quinn Administration will appeal.  The governor has already spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars—in a time of extreme fiscal distress-- trying to prevent employees from receiving the monies they are owed.  It would be both senseless and unethical for the Administration to continue to pursue that course by seeking to overturn the judge’s ruling.  Unfortunately, if the Administration does appeal, it could request that the judge’s order be stayed pending the outcome of that appeal.  AFSCME would vigorously oppose the motion for a stay—pointing out that employees have already waited far too long for the monies they are owed—but there is no way to know how the judge would rule.  


From the first moment that Governor Quinn took the unprecedented step of withholding a negotiated pay raise, AFSCME made clear that the Union would fight on every front for as long as it takes to ensure that members get the monies they are owed.  The court’s ruling yesterday is a critically important step forward in that battle.  





Another, in an endless parade of legislation that would have a negative impact on our pensions, was introduced today. (HB6258)  The Lodge is closely following this piece of legislation and  we will have more information as it becomes available.  To access the Bill, please click the link below. 





To view the General Assembly News Release, click the link below.





Below are some of the efforts underway to help support Trooper Kyle Deatherage’s family.

1.         Toy Drive 

An effort to collect gifts for the family for Christmas has been started.  Gifts can be dropped off at:


Alton (Illinois) Police Department ~ Collinsville (Illinois) Police Department ~ Illinois State Police (District 11) ~ Madison County (Illinois) Sheriffs 


Overland (Missouri) Police Department ~ Des Peres (Missouri) Department of Public  ~ Safety (Attn: Lt Hall) ~ Eureka (Missouri) Police DepartmentMissouri State Highway Patrol Troop C 

2.         Memorial contributions 

Memorial contributions can be sent to:

Kyle Deatherage Memorial Fund

Scott Credit Union

12455 State Route 143

Highland, IL  62249

3.         T-shirt and Memorial Stickers are being made. 

$14 for t-shirts and $10 for stickers.  To place an order please email trooperdeatheragefund@gmail.com

4.         A 5k run 

When:             December 15, 2012 at 10:00 am.

Where:            Mount Pulaski Town Square.

Cost is $10 per person. Contact Angie Cyrulik 217-962-1055 or Kim Cowan 309-826-9799 

Trooper Kyle Deatherage Memorial T-Shirts.  $12.00 each and all proceeds will go to the Deatherage Family.  Please click link below for order form.


A Facebook page has been set up in Memory of Trooper Kyle Deatherage.  To visit that page, please click the link below.





    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of Representatives are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Illinois State Trooper Kyle Deatherage of Highland, who passed away on November 26, 2012; and 

    WHEREAS, Trooper Deatherage entered law enforcement as a Madison County sheriff's deputy in 2004 and moved to the Illinois State Police in May of 2009; and

    WHEREAS, Trooper Deatherage had recently switched to motorcycle duty to be able to move from the night shift to days in order to see more of his growing family; and 

    WHEREAS, Trooper Deatherage had been one of 29 Illinois troopers sent to New Jersey to help with cleanup efforts after Hurricane Sandy; and 

    WHEREAS, Trooper Deatherage is survived by his wife, Sarah; his 4 year old daughter, Kaylee; his 10 month old son, Camden; his parents, Barry and April Deatherage; and two brothers and a sister; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE NINETY-SEVENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that We mourn the passing of Illinois State Trooper Kyle Deatherage, recognize the sacrifice he made protecting the citizens of the State of Illinois, and extend our condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew and loved him; and be it further RESOLVED, that a suitable copy of this resolution be presented to the family of Trooper Kyle Deatherage as an expression of our deepest sympathy.





It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of Trooper Kyle Deatherage.  



Trooper Kyle Deatherage was struck and killed by a tractor trailer while conducting a traffic stop. Trooper Deatherage is the third law enforcement fatality from the State of Illinois in 2012.


Deatherage is survived by his wife and two small children.  He had been one of 29 Illinois Troopers sent to New Jersey this month to help with cleanup efforts after Hurricane Sandy.


Visitation will be Friday, November 30th from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Triad High School, 703 US 40, Troy, IL.  Funeral will be Saturday, December 1st at 10:00 a.m. at Triad High School.

An Illinois State Police walk through will be conducted at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 30th. Officers participating in the walk through should assemble at the northeast section of the Triad High School parking lot.  A Law Enforcement Officers' walk through for all other agencies will be conducted at 7:30 p.m. Law enforcement agencies with presentations will follow.

Interment: Immediately follows the funeral at Marine City Cemetery, at the intersection of Hunter School Road and Marine Road (Madison County Road 13).

Appropriate attire for ISP officers attending the visitation on Friday, November 30, is dress blouse or business attire. Officers attending the Funeral on Saturday, December 1, will wear the dress blouse uniform.



Congratulations Brothers and Sisters!!!!!   This is a HUGE victory for us!!!!!  It appears the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would have made it far far easier to strip away public employee retirement benefits......  has been defeated!!!!!!!!!

With about 92% of the vote reported this morning the proposed amendment had support from approximately 56% of Illinoisans who voted on the measure. But that fell short of the 3/5th's criteria needed for passage.


I can't tell you how big this is for us in our continued fight against unfair pension reform.....Thank you all for the hard work you did in getting the message out to vote no!!!  By my count there are approximately 40 "Lame Ducks" in the General Assembly. Yes, we still have a tough pension reform fight coming in the "Lame Duck" Session, but the defeat of this constitutional amendment eliminates a powerful weapon from the arsenal of the hard line pension reformers.   


Again... Thanks to the We Are One Coalition for their combined efforts and thank-you for your hard work.  Congratulations on defeating the issue!!!!!


Michael R. Powell, President       Chris Southwood, 1st Vice President



It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of Master Sergeant Bob Price.  Master Sergeant Price was tragically killed in a boating accident at Hillsboro Lake in Hillsboro, Illinois on Sunday, September 30.



Master Sergeant Robert “Bob” Price 49 of Hillsboro passed away Sunday  Sept 30 2012 at 7:52 P.M. 


He was born January 1, 1963 in Hillsboro IL to Earl Robert and Ann Jachino Price.


He graduated from Hillsboro High School in 1982, and received his bachelor’s degree in Administrative Justice from SIU in Carbondale.


Master Sergeant Price was a 17 year veteran of the Illinois State Police starting his career in District 18, and served with the Executive Protection Unit, Medicaid Fraud Control Bureau and District 11 Patrol. His last assignment was Administrative Master Sergeant for District 18 in Litchfield.


He was on the Hillsboro Fire department.

He served in the United States Air force and Air force reserves for many years.


He is survived by two brothers William Roger Price of Hillsboro, Jerry Price of Seattle WA and one sister Carol Harrison of Hickory N.C., Significant other Michelle Bryant and her children and grandchildren, Shane  wife Jennifer Stoddard, Paige Stoddard, Taylor Stoddard, Logan Miller, Bailey Stoddard and Sadie Stoddard. Nieces and Nephews Theresa Kabel, Crissi and Audra Harrison Jackson Price and Logan Price.  He was preceded in death by his parents.


Visitation will be held Friday October 5, 2012 at the Free Methodist church in Hillsboro from 4 until 8:00 P.M.  Funeral service will be Saturday at 11:00 A.M at the Hillsboro High School Gym, with Rev Ralph Ward officiating.  Burial will be in Oak Grove cemetery in Hillsboro.


Military rites will be conducted by VFW post #1306, Irving American Legion post 425 and the 183rd Illinois Air National Guard.


Memorials can be made to Illinois State Police benevolent fund.  Hough & Sons Funeral Home in Hillsboro is in charge of arrangements.




August 21, 2012 

Suit filed to preserve access to affordable

health care for State Retirees



Contact: Anders Lindall (AFSCME) at 312-641-6060, Dave Comerford (IFT) at 217-544-8562, Chris Martin (INA) at 630-670-2745 or Michael Powell (FOP) at 800-252-563


Four unions representing state of Illinois and state university employees are backing a class action lawsuit challenging a new law that threatens to saddle state retirees with unaffordable new health insurance premiums.


A group of representative plaintiffs charge that Senate Bill 1313 violates the Illinois Constitution. Governor Pat Quinn signed the legislation in June, eliminating the terms of the previous health insurance plan for retired state employees and giving the director of the state Department of Central Management Services the authority to set premium costs for retirees.


The suit argues that state employees and retirees have contractual rights to the sliding fee schedule for retiree health premiums provided in state law and union contracts. Those who retired before 1998 currently pay no individual premium if they worked for the state for at least eight years. Those who retired after 1998 must work at least 20 years before the individual premium is fully covered by the state. Both groups pay a premium for their spouses.


By invalidating this contractual right, the suit contends, SB 1313 violates the Illinois Constitution, which provides that the state may make “no … law impairing the obligation of contracts.”


Second, the suit notes that state law provides retirees with access to health insurance “by virtue of their membership and participation in the State Employees Retirement System and the State Universities Retirement System.” Thus, plaintiffs say, SB 1313 also violates the constitutional clause that defines “Membership in any pension or retirement system of the State” as “an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.”


The unions backing the lawsuit are the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 31, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the Illinois Nurses Association and Troopers Lodge 41/Fraternal Order of Police.


The suit was filed on August 14 in Randolph County Circuit Court. 





On the last day of Spring Session the Senate passed a pension reform bill, HB 1447. However, the House did not act on it before adjourning.  This bill does not include teachers’ pensions or the controversial cost-shift to local school districts. On July 30th, the Governor called a special session day for August 17, 2012. Speaker Madigan has agreed to call HB 1447 for a vote.


HB 1447( K. Burke – Cullerton )State Employees (SERS) and General Assembly (GARS) Pension Reform


Option 1: Accept a change in the annual Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) – from 3 percent compounded to a COLA that is capped at 3 percent or one-half of the consumer price index, whichever is less. The COLA would not be compounded. Member would retain “access” to state-supported health insurance*. For active members, all future salary increases will be used to calculate the member’s future pension.


 Option 2: Reject the change in the COLA and it remains at 3 percent compounded annually. The member loses “access” to state-supported health insurance*. For active members, all future salary increases will not count when the member’s future pension is calculated.


*Employee & Retiree Health Insurance (SB 1313-PA 97-0695) State no longer will contribute to the cost of group health insurance an amount for each full year of service, up to a maximum of 100% for  20 years of service. The Director of Central Management Services shall annually determine the amount that the State, employees, and retirees shall contribute. Though this is current law, Department of CMS has not filed any administrative rules or regulations to implement the changes called for in this Public Act.


FOP Response to Proposed Pension Cuts


 As the voice of law enforcement officers, the FOP has always stood with our fellow public sector working families in defending pension rights and benefits. State LodgePresident Ted Streethas been the police representative in the WE ARE ONE Coalition throughout this past year of negotiations. However, neither the legislative leaders nor the governor would accept proposal made by labor representatives.


1.  Our message to Legislators must be clear: VOTE NO ON HB 1447


2.  A guarantee that the State will pay its portion as required. For decades that hasn't happened and there needs to be an enforcement mechanism in any reform legislation.


3.  A true look at revenue by closing loopholes for big corporations that hurt taxpayers of Illinois. Many loopholes exist, and closing a few would generate money to pay down the pension debt.


4.  No inclusion of current retirees, who are living on an earned and needed pension and cannot reenter the job market.


5. With a guarantee that the State would pay its portion, the members who are reliant on the pension systems for their retirement security, would offer to help the State by paying more even though they have contributed their portion over the years.  (this increase may differ for the various pension plans)


FOP Members Have Voice and Vote !

Go to http://www.weareoneillinois.org/  today and join nearly 1 million public workers and be heard. 














For Peer Support


 Family Counseling


and Employee Assistance


Rockford 815-319-6380


Springfield 217-782-1282




















Northwestern Mutual

is offering the members of

Troopers Lodge 41 an

Association discount on

their Long Term Care

Insurance policies.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video

to learn more about the impacts of caring for

someone on a long-term basis and why

it’s so important to plan in advance for

this type of care.

For additional information, contact:    

Doug Brandon| Financial Representative