The Illinois Troopers Lodge #41 building

About Lodge 41

With more than 270 lodges in Illinois, Trooper's Lodge 41 is the second largest.  Trooper's Lodge 41 Fraternal Order of Police represents approximately 3,200 sworn and retired troopers.  The Lodge is the voice of those who dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the many citizens of Illinois.  Trooper's Lodge 41 is dedicated to improving the working conditions of the men and women of the Illinois State Police through legislation and employee representation.

Membership & Benefits

  • Troopers Lodge 41 currently has an active membership of approximately 1,800 sworn state police officers ranging in rank from Trooper to Captain in the Illinois State Police, and a retired membership of approximately 1,450 bringing the total membership to approximately 3,250 officers!
  • All bargaining unit members of RC164 (Troopers, Sergeants & Special Agents) of Troopers Lodge 41 are covered under our Legal Defense Program at no additional cost.
  • All members of the bargaining unit are covered by the RC164 contract between Troopers Lodge 41 and the Illinois State Police. Troopers Lodge 41 obtained collective bargaining rights in 1986 with our first contract finalized in 1988.  We have been fighting strongly for officers' rights ever since.
  • All members in good standing are allowed to attend their Troop meetings and any function through Troopers Lodge 41.
  • Troopers Lodge 41 also has an Associate Membership program. This program currently has 309 non-sworn members who wish to support the Lodge!  Membership into the Associate Program is $75.00 annually and application cards may be picked up at the Lodge office.  Members in this program must know an officer or someone who is currently a member to join. For further information on this program please contact Troopers Lodge 41 at (800)252-5634.  
  • To become an active member with Troopers Lodge 41 you must be either a sworn officer currently employed with the Illinois State Police, or a retired state police officer.  Dues for sworn officers are broken down into two categories.  For the ranks of Trooper, Sergeant and Agent, dues are $50.29 per pay period.  For Master Sergeant, dues are $5.95 per pay period.  Applications for membership include an application form, payroll deduction card, and a beneficiary card.
  • Dues for retired members are $120.00 yearly or $10.00 per month by dues deduction. For those wishing to apply for either an active or retired membership, please contact the Lodge office at 1-800-252-5634 by phone, or e-mail Jodi Weller.
  • Troopers Lodge 41 also offers a scholarship program to its active and retired membership. Approximately fifty $500.00 and one $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually to eligible participants.