President Joe Moon

I started my career with the Illinois State Police in 1999.  After the academy, I was assigned to District 21 patrol and later transferred to District 14 Patrol.  While in District 14 patrol, I was a K-9 Handler.  I transferred to Zone 4 investigations in 2006.  I worked as a General Criminal Agent and then as an Agent in the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force.  In 2009 I transferred back to District 14 patrol where I worked until being appointed to Troopers Lodge 41 Secretary in April of 2011 and assigned as a full time officer in the Lodge.  I was re-elected to the office of Secretary in 2012.

Prior to being elected as your President, I served as Secretary, First Vice President, and was a trustee representing District 14 for over 7 years.  I have served as the Chairman of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and as a member of the Steering Committee, Election Committee, Building and Grounds Committee and Executive Committee.  I have had the distinct privilege to represent the Lodge at several State and National Conferences and National Police Memorials.  I have testified on behalf of Troopers Lodge 41 at the Illinois Capital on issues including pensions, wages and funding for manpower.

I have assisted in fighting the anti-labor movement on a National level going to Ohio with the National Troopers Coalition to fight to repeal Senate Bill 5, a measure that restricted collective bargaining rights for more than 360,000 public employees.  Senate Bill 5 was ultimately repealed due to labor organizations standing together on a National level.

As your President, I will continue to serve the members of this Lodge, both active and retired.  I believe in always protecting the members' contractual rights as well as the rights earned by retirees.  As your President, I will always strive to represent you to the best of my ability.

Please feel free to contact me at

1st Vice President Jason Devino

I started my career with the Illinois State Police in 2002 out of CC #104 and was assigned to District 11.   While in D-11 I worked Patrol, was a K-9 Officer and served as the Vehicle Investigation Officer.

In 2015, I was appointed to fill a vacated Trustee position and then was elected as a Trustee in 2016. During that time, I served on the Election Committee, Safety Committee and the Grievance Committees. I have helped with numerous Lodge functions, including Illinois Police Memorial Reunions, Retiree Picnics and Troopers Lodge 41 annual Golf outings.

In 2020 I was elected Secretary of Troopers Lodge 41 and was assigned full time to the Lodge in August 2021. I held the role of 2nd Vice President since June 2022 and was appointed 1st Vice President in September 2022. During my time on the Executive Committee I have had the honor to represent Troopers Lodge 41 at several State and National Conferences.

I believe in our members’ right to collectively bargain and every member has a right to voice their opinion. I will continue to fight for our members’ earned rights, both active and retired.

Please feel free to contact me at

2nd Vice President Byron Farthing

I have been a member of the FOP the majority of my adult life.  Originally with FOP Lodge 197 at the Williamson County Sheriff's Office, and for the last 20 years with Troopers Lodge #41.  I served as District 13 Trustee from 2016-2020.  I was elected Sergeant At Arms for Troopers Lodge #41 in 2020 and was appointed 2nd Vice President in September 2022.

I am so very thankful for the Troops that laid the groundwork for what we have today.  I look forward to working hard to maintain and build on the progress those FOP Brothers and Sisters fought for.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime at 

Treasurer Trent Waller

I started my career with the Illinois State Police in October 1999.  After the Academy, my first assignment was patrol in District 15.  I transferred to District 13 patrol in 2002.  While in District 13, I worked patrol and was a member of the D13 S.E.T. Team.  I served as the D13 Fleet Officer from 2013 to 2014.  I was a D13 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer (CVEO) 2014-2019, and a member of the Meth Response Team in Zone 7 for 2 ½ years.  I am a Range and Rifle Instructor, CAT Instructor, Rapid Deployment and Crowd Control Instructor, Radar/Lidar Instructor, Taser Instructor, and Field Training Officer.  I was promoted to Sergeant in D13 in June 2019.

I was a Trustee in District 13 from 2012 to 2020.  While a Trustee, I was a member of the Election, Scholarship, Constitution, and Ways and Means Committees, and a member of the 2019 Contract Team.  I have volunteered to work numerous projects for Lodge 41 over the last several years including the Police Memorial in Springfield, the hospitality rooms at the State Fair in Springfield and DuQuoin, and the Heritage Foundation Motorcycle Fun Run.  I have attended State and National conferences as well.

I was elected Treasurer in July 2020.  I believe whole heartedly in Troopers Lodge 41 and its members.  I will give 100% and continue to be an advocate of the men and women of Troopers Lodge 41.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at

Secretary Kevin Howell

Bio Coming Soon...

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Sgt. At Arms Mike Cahill

Over the years I have enjoyed serving Troopers Lodge #41, and I am a big believer in what we do here. I have always had the members’ best interests in mind.

I began my career with the ISP in 2005, as a District Chicago Trooper. Since then, I have held many different positions within the District. I am an FTO on patrol, Photo Van Operator, Crowd Control member (Cut team certified), Child Safety Seat Instructor, and Fleet Officer. I am currently assigned to District Chicago Patrol.

In 2012, I became a District Chicago FOP Trustee, and have been heavily active ever since. I have served on the Finance, Election and Legal Committees, and I’ve also volunteered for many Lodge 41 events. I was trained in Labor Negotiating, have attended Leadership Matters conferences, and most recently served on the Contract Negotiation Team. Together we were able to secure the best contract in the history of Lodge 41. In September 2022 I was appointed Sgt. At Arms on Lodge #41 Executive Committee. I want to see this Lodge and our members prosper as we go into the future. 

Feel free to reach out to me anytime at


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